Devbhoomi,Himachal pradesh is well known for his beauty and temples.Himachal Pradesh is the one best tourist palce in india.Himachal Pradesh is known as the Devbhoomi because of there many famous and ancient temples.In Himachal Pradesh, Kangra Valley is well known for his temples.Himachal pradesh tourism offers you knowledge about various tourist and religious places.
On road,Himachal tourism welcomes you with the board and exact location of that place.Also offers you free online information about himachal pradesh tourism and Himachal hotels.Like Himachal
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In Himachal,Kangra valley is famous for his best religious temples.In Kangra Valley, Jawala Ji, Chamunda devi, brajeshwari(kangra devi),masroor and many others.In kangra Valley there are many ancient temples.
According to our ancient saying,there are minimum one temple in every 100 meter area in Kangra,himachal.In Kangra Valley,there are many ancient temples.

Jawali ji is the main ancient temple in  Himachal.This Shaktipith is known for his super jet power in the from of Holy burning flame.According to many holy book,the tounge of Maa Sati dropped here in the age of Daksh Prajapati Yagya.So after
this place was known as Jawalamukhi or Jawala JI.In hindi tounge is pronounced as Jihva.So now this holy place is known all over the world by the name of Jawala Ji or Jawalamukhi.Every year many people from all over the India comes in the temple of maa Jawali ji.From Pathankot,there are a facility of train and Bus to go Himachal and to go in various tourist place and Kangra valley temples.
Jawala Ji is the  famous  temple of  Goddess Sati a in Himachal Distt – kangra.Jawali ji temple is also known as jawalamukhi temple.If you comes from Pathankot,then you can comes from train and from Pathankot raiway station you have to go at Jawalamikhi Road to go in the temple of Jawali ji temple.From Jawalamukhi road railway station, you can hire a cab or bus to go Jawala ji temple.jawala Ji is one of famous and popular Shaktipith of India.Jawala ji temple  popular from the ancient age.
Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch of Kangra traces this place into the Dhauladhar range and built the temple.He had also great belief in Jawala Ji.
The Indian emperor Akbar,presented a golden piece in the form of a rounded plate named as “shatra”This Golden Shatra is saved still in this temple in a glass box.In this temple the main upper top rounded part is made of gold and there are many holly burning flames that burns without any cotton and oil.Besides this main temple part,
there is also a short temple named as “Gorakh Dibbi”.In this temple on front wall a sign of OM and two deep big holes filled with underground running cold water.Jawala Ji appears in this cold water for a moment for his devotee and then disappears.In the main temple,the big door is made up off  silver in two folds.Just out of door there are footprint of Maa jawala Ji.There are many small size different temples.In the image below you can see the whole view of  Jawala Ji.

According to old sayings-The temple was made in the Mahabharat Kaal” Dvapar age” by “Paandavs”at the time period known as “Agyatvaas”.In the time of Mugal emperor Akbar,this religious place
got popularity for her natural power.Our history shows that at that time the famous great devotee of jawala ji”Dhyanu Bhagat” was going to Jawala Ji temple with the group of people.Then in the way,the soldiers of Akbar,stopped his group and asked about his destination place importance.Then Dhyanu Bhagat told him about the Jawali Ji Goddess.Akbar ordered his slodiers to cut the head of Dhyanu Bhagat hores and said him to live him again with the help of this.Then Dhyanu Bhagat prayed to Jawala ji and with the blessing of Maa Jawala Ji,the horse got live again.Akbar thoughts that Dhyanu Bhagat is a magician.
Mugal Emperor Akbar not believed on this natural holy burning flame.He decided to check it itself and make many experiments to blow off this Holy Flame.But this Flame is continuously burning.Then
Akbar believed on natural jet power of Maa Jawala ji and realized her power.After that Akbar visited to Jawala Ji without any footwear that is naked foot and presented a Golden rounded piece known as “Shatra”.

Every year in Jawala ji,there is a huge Celebrations on the Navaratra time in the month March-April & September-October.From Maa Jawala Ji temple no one return in lost hands.Jawalamukhi Maa blessing you with all your wishes.


There is a great news in India about Ayodhya verdict.After a long time of 60 years ,the Ayodhya verdict case take a turn and on High court of state of uttar perdesh took a decision.Thousand of Hindu and Muslims are in the favor of this high court decision.

In High, the three judges took a decision  to check all evidense in that case.This issue is running from a long time and time to time many Hindu and Muslim parties and community take action and commented on it.

Finally , in September 30,2010 the time comes when the final decision of this case was delivered by three judges after a long judicial process.
This decision was very straight and fair and in all country,every religion people,even Muslims also welcome this decision.The all land Ram Janm Bhumi under dispute was divided into 3 parts.One-third part of this land given to Ram Lalla(Hindu Mahasabha),one-third part to Nirmohi Akhara and one-third was delivered to Sunni WAQF.Besides this the part where Hindus kept their idols given to Hindu.Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit this dispute was solved by mediation without any partition in hindu and muslims.In all india, on this decision not any type of violence atmosphere.The high court give a 3 month time against this decision in Supreme court.High alert authorities deployed 200,000 troops to avoid any type of terror or violence  activity.
In 1992,On this issue approximately 2,000 people were killed.In all India,this decision was accepted peacefully by all people.
I welcome to all user at my site that look through this information and also want to know their comment on this issue.

The word “Hinduism” not only denotes a religion but it has a wide meaning.Hinduism is a series of traditions and beliefs that are running from a long time,from ancient age.Hinduism is the indigenous religious tradition  of the Asian continent.Hinduism is third largest religion of the World, after first Christianity and second Islam. Ancient scriptures like Vedas,Upanishads,Puran and other such Vedic text describes a wide view over “Hinduism”.
In the beginning of this creature,the ancient scholars known as “Rishis” spread the knowledge of Vedas,Purana and other religious books among the people.Mainly Hinduism situated in India Other significant populations are found in Nepal,Bangladesh,Indonesian island of Bali and Sri Lanka.In these day,Hindu are all over the world.No one could not specify the exact time of origin of Hindu Religion.There are many theories which describes its origin.Mostly theories describes it in the form of Indus Valley civilization around 3200 B.C.-1600 B.C.and it is existed near the Indus river.On the name of river this civilization named as “Indus Valley civilization”.The people of that time followed a religion which resembles to Hinduism.our ancient history describes their religion and their beliefs on God.They had a great beliefs on God and worship many Hindu religion God and Goddess.After these “Dravidian” and “Aryans” followed this religion around 1500 B.C. Aryans living on the bank of river Sindu and Persians pronounced Sindu word as Hindu.So historical theories tells us that how this word changes from Sindu to Hindu.Our most holy books like Vedas describes many facts about this religion’s about 1000 B.C.

Gods of hindu religion

Vedas are the milestone of Hindu philosophy.Other holy books like Puran, Upanishads and epics like  Ramayana, Shrimadh Bhagavad gita and Manu smriti provides the divine knowledge about Hindu religion.In ancient age,the people worship many god and Goddess like Shiv,Vishnu,Kali and many others.The people which worship Lord Shiva known as “Shaiv” and which which worship Vishnu known as “Vaisnav”.In ancient age,the people worship many god and Goddess like Shiv,Vishnu,Kali and many others.The people which worship shiv known as “Shaiv” and which which worship Vishnu known as “Vaisnav”.In Hinduism,”Brahma”, Vishnu and Shiva” are the main Gods of Hindu religion and collectively known
as Trimurti.In ancient age,people worship this Trimurti.Brahma is known as the God of Creature,Vishnu is God of maintainer or preserver and lord Shiva is known as Destroyer.Purans tells us that In the beginning universe,Brahma born in the lotus flower which grew from the navel of Lord Vishnu.After that Brahma created eleven Prajapati to create human beings and for the help of Prajapati create Saptarishi.Vishnu is most famous in ancient age and in today age.Lord Vishnu has many Avatars like Rama,Krishna,Parshuram etc.

Hindu Gods

Our religious Hindu books like Ramayana,Mahabharata,bhagavad gita tells you about Vishnu’s most famous Avatar as Rama and Krishna.In Hindu countries,like India people worships Lord Rama and Krishna mostly.Like this,worship of Shiva is also in Hindu tradition.In ancient age the people who worship Shiva known as shaiv and follow the rule of shaivism as a Hindu religion.God Shiva is worshiped in the form of the Linga.Although these Durga,Kali,Sita,Lakshmi,Sarasvati and parvati are also Hindu Goddess.In India it is assumed that there are 33 crore God and Goddess.India is a rich country with several religions.Hindu religion is main in India,many people follow Hinduism in different form.There are several names of God but all have one main aim to show their belief in God.

Vedas are the main source of knowledge and shows the primary text of Hindu religion or Hinduism.Vedas means knowledge or wisdom.Vedas are more sacred scriptures of Hinduism.There are four Vedas : Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.These Vedas contain incantations,hymns,philosophies and rituals from ancient India.On the basic of these Veda many other holy books are published in many languages to spread the knowledge of these Vedas among the people. Vedas are in Sanskrit language with many hymns,philosophies,shalokas. Then in different age many Indian scholars called “Rishi” translate these into simple languages and wrote many books on the basis of Vedas.

Hindu Temple

In India,there are many ancient and new Hindu temple.In India, there is not such a state there is not a temple.In Himachal pardesh,there is many temples.It is so called devbhoomi  or Land of God.This Land of God has some old and rarest temple like Brajeshwari Devi temple,Chamunda Devi temple,Jawala Ji temple, Chintpurni Mata temple.